Eligible Our Ark Members can purchase a Cyclone Insurance Policy.

This policy is issued by Picnic Underwriting as agent for Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited, ACN 169 311 193 (AFSL: 523921) and reinsured by the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation (ARPC).

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To be eligible to purchase a Cyclone Insurance Policy a Member must:

  • have Our Ark Risk Protection in place for its buildings and/or contents.
  • have buildings located in eligible postcodes in Queensland, Northern Territory or Western Australia.
  • NOT have buildings that are owned and managed by a government entity.
  • NOT be a farm business.

The specifics of eligibility are outlined in the PDS.

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Cyclone Insurance from the Federal Government Cyclone Insurance pool can be accessed by eligible Our Ark Members.

Cyclone Insurance PDS Summary

Cyclone Insurance covers eligible Our Ark members for loss or damage to their Buildings and Contents at the insured address(es), or consequential loss, caused by:

arising from an eligible cyclone event.

Please download this PDF to read the document in full.
Cyclone Insurance PDS + FSG
> Read the PDS
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